Launch of Exeter H2 Hub Project

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The Centre for Future Clean Mobility partners with businesses to develop low-emissions, high-efficiency integrated power systems for applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and rail sectors.

CFCM are pleased to be working with Tower Group on the Exeter H2 Hub, since we work with vessel and vehicle asset owners who need clean fuels such as Tower Group's Hydrogen. It is really important right now given the immaturity of the clean fuel economy to link together clean fuel demand and production. Our close engagement with Tower Group underpins our strategy to be the leading research and innovation group in Clean Mobility in Europe.

Tower Group announced plans to develop a hydrogen production and refuelling hub in Exeter and East Devon. Hydrogen is an essential decarbonisation pathway for heavy duty vehicles for which battery electric powertrains are unsuitable or impractical due to heavy demand profiles.

CFCM are part of the Exeter H2 Hub consortium with partners Tower Group, Wales & West Utilities, Element 2, eMotive, Costain Group PLC, Oort Energy and Gardiner & Theobald LLP. The initial plans are to deliver a pilot production facility and refuelling infrastructure to supply fuel cell grade hydrogen to Wales & West Utilities and other heavy duty vehicle operators on the road network around Exeter.

This project is expected to catalyse organic growth in the sector, and Tower Group intend to incrementally build on production capacity to meet the increasing demand. Although initially focussed on mobility, hydrogen from the Exeter H2 Hub will offer decarbonisation opportunities to numerous sectors in the area.

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