About Us

We stand at the forefront of the road to zero carbon

We specialise in developing new hybrid and electric powertrain technology for cleaner mobility of humans and goods.

We are committed to leading the next generation of clean mobility, which will make our streets, railways, farms, skies, seas and waterways, cleaner and greener. Recent projects have been funded by Innovate UK, ISCF, EPSRC and MarRI-UK.

Meet the team at CFCM

Chris Smith

Director, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Prathyush Menon

Deputy Director, Associate Professor of Engineering

Ed Keedwell

Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science

Mi Tian

Lecturer in Low-Carbon Engineering

James McNaughton

Head of Strategy & Commercial

Gianmario Rinaldi

Lecturer in Clean Powertrains

Joseph Wright

Experimental Officer

Ian Grey

Graduate Research Assistant


Jack Coathup

Graduate Research Assistant

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Helena Lovett

Research Administrator

Devika Koonthalakadu Baby

Lecturer in E&R

Megan Doble

Impact & Partnership Development Officer

Jack Shanahan

Business Research Associate

Debbie Ironside-Smith

Senior Administrator

Latest News

Find out more about our excellent track records of innovative projects.

CFCM wins funding to launch ACE-Lab

CFCM are delighted to announce the new ACE-Lab which is funded by Heart of the South West LEP. The ACE-Lab will be led by Ed Keedwell, and will enable CFCM to achieve a much greater level of digital activity in the modelling, simulation and optimisation of clean mobility solutions for individual transport assets (vessels, vehicles and fleets).

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Launch of Exeter H2 Hub Project

CFCM are pleased to be working with Tower Group on the Exeter H2 Hub, since we work with vessel and vehicle asset owners who need clean fuels such as Tower Group’s Hydrogen. It is really important right now given the immaturity of the clean fuel economy to link together clean fuel demand and production. Our close engagement with Tower Group underpins our strategy to be the leading research and innovation group in Clean Mobility in Europe.

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Read publications from our researchers at the Centre For Future Clean Mobility.

Decision Support System (DSS) for Hierarchical Allocation of Resources and Tasks for Disaster Management (July 2022)

Modelling and analysis of Parkinsonian gait (2023)

Cyclone Preparedness, Rescue Operations and Damage Assessment using UAVs (March 2022)

Detection of Cyber-Attacks in Automotive Traffic Using Macroscopic Models and Gaussian Processes

Model Based Moving Horizon Optimal Modes-Switch Schedule in Hybrid Powertrains for Marine Applications (May 2022)

Sliding Mode Observer-Based Finite Time Control Scheme for Frequency Regulation and Economic Dispatch in Power Grids (July 2021)

Adaptive dual-layer super-twisting sliding mode observers to reconstruct and mitigate disturbances and communication attacks in power networks (July 2021)

Finite-Time Output Parameter Estimation for a Class of Nonlinear Systems (June 2022)

Press releases

Dozens of firms join ‘Clean Mobility’ Workshop (2023)

Where’s my silent, all-electric garbage truck? (2022)

UK company pioneers autonomous hybrid vehicle for extreme off road operations (2019)

Where’s my silent, all-electric garbage truck? (2022)

UK’s first electric Ferry Launches in Plymouth (2020)

Quattro KTP rated ‘Outstanding’ for Hybridisation with University of Exeter (2021)

The Power of Partnerships  (2023)

The Growth of Engineering skills driven by the  desire for a clean planet (2022)