Committed to leading the next generation of clean maritime mobility

Greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping activities currently account for 3% of global emissions (2022). Without rapid action to decarbonise the sector, these emissions will grow in the coming decade. 

This has become a focus of the UK government and has led to the UK taking a proactive role in driving the transition to zero emission shipping in UK waters.

From building a new zero emissions Dynamometer facility, the first of its kind in the UK. To working with leading industrial partners in the sector such as Ecomar Propulsion and OS Energy. 

We are at the forefront of global research into clean maritime propulsion solutions. 

Working with Ecomar Propulsion Ltd & OS Energy

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility (CFCM) has been awarded funding from Innovate UK to undertake partnership with Ecomar Propulsion Ltd and O.S. Energy to design and fabricate a zero-emission powertrain demonstrator. This project has been funded by CMDC (Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition).

The project aims to accelerate the shift to clean marine shipping by demonstrating a physical model of a clean (zero emissions) propulsion system, that can be used by ship builders, operators, and legislators to help drive meaningful progress towards emission free shipping in future. 

The Maritime sector requires clean propulsion demonstrators like this to build trust and show that clean propulsion is possible.

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“Ecomar and CFCM have been working closely together for a number of years and we have seen how the growth in clean maritime has gone from a trickle to a flood. Throughout that time we have been able to maintain advantages thanks to the advanced capability of CFCM and the close partnership we have developed. CFCM is a key partner in our drive to remove 10m Tonnes of CO2 from maritime industries and we intend to keep working with them for years to come.”
Eugene Bari
Ecomar Propulsion