Road & Rail

Road & Rail

Decarbonisation within the Road & Rail Sector

Unlike public transport and private cars, electrification of HGVs is not a subject we tend to hear about. But it’s an area with huge potential for improvement. Analysis by the Energy Technologies Institute suggests that transitioning just one 44 tonne HGV today would be the equivalent of removing 30 traditional fuel engine cars from the road. However the electrification of heavy vehicles is not a simple task, due to the complexity of safety and power requirements.

Zero-Emission Road Sweeper

CFCM teamed up with a long-term partner, Quattro Group Ltd, to design a zero-emission road sweeper. This project developed the electrification of a 16-tonne road sweeper, which will clean our streets without polluting our air

A zero emissions road sweeper powertrain will have immediate benefits, Lower operational cost, improved reliability, emissions regulation compliance, and ability to win contracts in low emissions zones.

This project addresses the growing requirement of national and local government for zero-emissions in all vehicles on rails, roads and rivers. It is funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and delivered through Innovate UK.

Clean Powertrain for Road Rail Vehicles

Quattro teamed up with the CFCM to design a new clean powertrain for road rail vehicles. With the expertise on both sides we came together to make futuristic climate-friendly vehicles that are superior and impressively robust.

Rapid developments in ‘retro fitting’ were progressed throughout the two-year period, which involved taking diesel machines and changing them to electrification.

Quattro has successfully hybridised plant vehicles for use in road, rail and construction with a rolling improvement in knowledge and capability each time. Each vehicle is easier to maintain and better for the environment. Continuation of the project will involve investigation of whole systems that include electrified vehicles, advanced capabilities, charging points, battery packs, and solar units.

“Quattro Group plans to be the cleanest provider of professional services into the rail and construction sectors. Our work with Prof Chris Smith is central to our clean growth ambitions, and we’re pleased to be partners with CFCM at the University of Exeter.”
Bob Browning
Quattro Group