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Driving the next generation towards zero carbon

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility partners with businesses to develop low-emissions, high-efficiency integrated power systems for applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and rail sectors.

CFCM Director, Chris Smith & CFCM Head of Commercial & Strategy, James McNaughton were delighted to travel internationally to Canada to meet with a number of companies in the maritime sector that have a focus and interest in decarbonisation.

Chris (CFCM Director) & James (CFCM Head of Commercial & Strategy) spent a productive 2 weeks on the East Coast of Canada. Week one we were invited to be part of the Innovate UK GBIP programme helping to drive innovation & collaboration between UK and Canada in the Marine Tech space.

Week 2 was an opportunity to present at the 2024 H2O Home to Overseas Conference in Halifax, Canada. Chris spoke about zero emission powertrains in the maritime sector, looking at the wide effects for decarbonisation in the industry and also some case study examples of projects CFCM have worked on. It was fantastic to meet a wide variety of stakeholders in the maritime sector including Mike Spain from SAMS Enterprise and Martin Lucy from Innovate UK.

CFCM had an excellent visit to the Canadian Coast Guard facility in Halifax, Canada. We are now proud to be a core member of Maritime Accelerator for Sustainable Technology (MAST), supporting decarbonisation efforts in the maritime sector. CFCM is now in detailed discussions with Canadian Nuclear Labs, Canadian Coastguard and other key enablers on the East Coast developing an international programme of support to focus on large scale maritime decarb programmes.

Huge thank you to Memorial Institute, Dalhousie University, Oceans Advance, Port of St Johns and Angler Solutions in making this all possible.

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