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Research & Development

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Powertrain design and test for optimal fuel efficiency, range, and cost

We have expertise in design, assembly and test of hybrid and electric powertrains, across a range of vehicles and vessels, from passenger ferries to road-rail vehicles, to all-terrain military vehicles. Facilities will allow us to test powertrains up to 0.5MW.

Battery pack design and test

We have experience designing, building, and testing battery packs, including repurposing old batteries for clean mobility applications.

Control system design and implementation

Our expertise includes system modelling, optimisation, and implementation, with the help of advanced AI functionalities.

Engineering into retrofit or OEM vehicles and vessels

Retrofitting already existing vehicles and vessels is often the most sustainable option. We have experience designing battery storage arrangements and motor installation based on the existing vehicle or vessel’s layout.

Autonomous systems

We have experience in the development of autonomous behaviours, robust and adaptive controllers, and monitoring schemes, for a wide range of applications. In addition to rigorous fundamental research, we have demonstrated enhancing the technology readiness levels of the theory and methods developed within the group on experimental platforms (manned/unmanned systems in land, air and sea).

State-of-the-art Dynamometer

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility (CFCM) has successfully constructed the pioneering Dynamometer facility, a cutting-edge zero emissions testing facility that is the first of its kind in the UK.

This facility enables the team to design and evaluate powertrain systems without the necessity of constructing a complete vehicle. By conducting tests in the laboratory, the CFCM team and industry partners gain valuable insights into the power requirements and performance capabilities of clean powertrains in various vehicles and vessels.

The Dynamometer facility significantly mitigates costs and risks, providing industry partners with the assurance and confidence to develop clean vehicles and vessels.