OS Energy Project Zero: Transforming Vessels into Zero Emission

Driving the next generation towards zero carbon

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility partners with businesses to develop low-emissions, high-efficiency integrated power systems for applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and rail sectors.

Project overview

OS Energy is a specialised offshore service provider with an extensive track record in the offshore wind industry and on research and survey projects, offering a wide range of services for more than 20 years.

OS Energy is motivated to transition their vessels to zero emissions, driven not only by environmental considerations but also by the compelling economic case that supports their commercial viability.

CFCM collaborated with OS Energy on the powertrain design for their vessels, encompassing both retrofitting and new designs, leveraging the unique simulation code developed by CFCM to optimize the powertrain for specific applications. The focus on optimisation is essential to ensure ideal hardware design and control strategy, catering precisely to the intended use of the vessels from the outset.

As part of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 3 (CMDC3), OS Energy is spearheading a retrofit project in collaboration with CFCM. The project entails equipping the Prince Madog vessel with a hydrogen propulsion system that will complement the vessel’s diesel-fuelled main engine, enabling zero-emission operation during low-speed or short-distance trips, such as daily teaching excursions with students from the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University. Under regular operation, the hybrid system and innovative propulsion design are expected to reduce emissions by up to 60%.

Prince Madog RV
Prince Madog RV
New build design - Fortuna Magpie

In addition to their retrofit projects, OS Energy has developed the Fortuna Magpie, a newly designed zero-emission vessel. Currently, they are actively seeking shipbuilders to collaborate on bringing this project to fruition.

CFCM’s collaboration with OS Energy extends beyond powertrain design and testing, as they also facilitate connections between OS Energy and other relevant companies within CFCM’s network. This collaborative effort aims to bring together the supply chain and customers, cultivating valuable partnerships and synergies within the industry.

"CFCM is an essential partner for OS Energy, playing a key role in the successful implementation of our 10-year plan to transition our vessels to either retrofit or new build zero emissions.”

Fortuna Magpie Aft Deck

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