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Driving the next generation towards zero carbon

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility partners with businesses to develop low-emissions, high-efficiency integrated power systems for applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and rail sectors.

At the Celebration of Marine Innovation event this month, we were delighted to see two of our projects supporting Maritime companies win awards. This was a great event celebrating the work of the Marine Business Technology Centre (MBTC), ERDF Funded Project. 

Paul Craven at River Exe Café won the award for Impact on Devon.

CFCM worked with River Exe Café to reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. Jack Shanahan (CFCM) designed a customisable tool to model the power system at the River Exe Café in order to analyse the feasibility of transitioning to a new hybrid system.

Paul Craven has purchased and successfully installed technology from Callidus & Victron Energy. This will bring a range of benefits to the café including cost reduction, environmental benefits, and reduction of carbon footprint.

Pictured: Left – Paul Craven (River Exe Café) & Jack Shanahan (CFCM), Right – Rob Watson (Plymouth City Council), Paul Craven (River Exe Café) & Tom Chant (Society of Maritime Industries)

Paul Craven (River Exe Café) said

“Through working with the Centre for Future Clean Mobility I have been able to make investment decisions that will not only save me money on fuel, but also reduce my carbon footprint. The River Exe Group is committed to becoming zero emission business and this is a significant move forward for me and the team. The Centre for Future Clean Mobility are a research group based out at Exeter Science Park and through partnership with the Marine Business Technology Centre we have had access to a world class knowledge base right here in Devon”.

Jack Shanahan (CFCM) said

“Congratulations to Paul and the River Exe Café for collecting the MBTC Impact on Devon award. It was a pleasure collaborating with Paul on such a positive project. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it and witness its success.”

Lynch Motors won the Innovation award for their work with CFCM.

CFCM worked with Lynch Motors to develop the next generation of electric motor in the maritime sector. This was a Large and more powerful efficient motor, low cost with an associated controller and incorporated into a drop in hybrid propulsion product, the red snapper.

This project led to a KTP which also resulted in a new technologist job. This project built long lasting enhancements to the business.

James McNaughton (CFCM) accepted the award on behalf of Lynch Motors as they were unable to attend.

Pictured: Left – Rob Watson (Plymouth City Council), James McNaughton (CFCM) & Tom Chant (Society of Maritime Industries) Right – Chris Smith (CFCM) & Trevor Lees (Lynch Motors)

Trevor Lees (Lynch Motors) said

“Lynch has been designing/supplying Green propulsion systems for over 30 years we specialize in the low voltage directive predominantly in the ultra safe arena, our area of expertise is within the marine market and now have many systems operating around the world for private individuals and small commercial crafts. We are proud to be winner with the support from CFCM and MBTC of the innovation award.”

James McNaughton (CFCM) said

“Proud to accept this award on behalf of Trevor at Lynch Motors. Lynch Motors have a great reputation in the Maritime sector and CFCM look forward to supporting them with further clean propulsion projects in the future”
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