Driving forwards with Ecomar

Here we are with Ecomar Propulsion Ltd celebrating our recent success at winning a large award to develop next generation clean powertrain systems for the maritime sector.

Our Director Chris Smith said “I am proud to have 6 members from CFCM here today to start progressing on this project with Ecomar.”

Left to right: James McNaughton, CFCM, Business Development Manager; Chris Smith, CFCM, Director; Greg Bower Parker, Ecomar, Chief Engineer; Ian Gray, CFCM, Graduate Research Assistant; Gianmario Rinaldi, CFCM, Lecturer in Clean Powertrains; Eugene Bari, Ecomar, Managing Director; Mi Tian, CFCM, Lecturer in Low-Carbon Engineering; Joseph Wright, CFCM, Graduate Research Assistant; Muhammed Stuurman, Ecomar, Mechanical Engineer; Luke St Clair, Ecomar, Production Engineer; Angelito Barbierto, Ecomar, Senior Electrical Engineer; Brian Lambert, CFCM, Experimental Officer; Rob Kettelty, Ecomar, Electronics specialist; Malcolm Padwick, Ecomar, Compliance and Certification Engineer. Photo taken at Ecomar Propulsion Ltd on 21 September 2021

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