BBC Spotlight feature: Part 1

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Driving the next generation towards zero carbon

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility partners with businesses to develop low-emissions, high-efficiency integrated power systems for applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and rail sectors.

Part 1 of our feature on BBC Spotlight focusing on the potential for Devon to be a Green Energy hub and the project in development to build a pilot clean ecosystem for maritime.

Torridge District Council in North Devon has allocated £15.6m in Levelling Up funding to construct the Clean Maritime Innovation Centre at Appledore. The centre aims to collaborate with shipbuilders to create clean energy vessels.

Tower Group plans to build a hydrogen production plant nearby to fuel these ships, potentially making it one of Europe’s largest. The development, set to start in late 2024, aims to position northern Devon as a global hub for clean maritime technology research. The hydrogen plant could eventually generate 500 megawatts, supplying fuel to vessels and supporting the floating offshore wind project in the Celtic Sea.

Catch up with the BBC Spotlight segment on YouTube:

CFCM is working with companies like Tower Group on the potential project to build a pilot clean ecosystem for maritime. Covering everything from the innovation of clean vessels, to building those vessels, but also to provide clean fuel to make hydrogen and other clean fuels to power those boats.

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