Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Supacat

Supacat, part of the SC Group, is a world-leading defence vehicle manufacturer and is well-known for producing the Jackal vehicle for the British Army. In 2018, Supacat and CFCM won funding for an Innovate UK-supported Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and they worked together to develop a unique high mobility electric vehicle, the six-wheel drive Hybrid All-Terrain Mobility Platform, or H-ATMP, which was unveiled in late 2019. The vehicle can be air-dropped, pull heavy loads up steep slopes and through rough terrain, and is also amphibious.

Professor Steve Austen, Engineering Director and Chief Engineer of SC Group, explained the value of collaborative working with academic partners, “the knowledge that has been gained and distributed throughout the project partners is invaluable, resulting in significant additional revenue back to Supacat even before the project ended and high confidence of sustained additional revenue for the company over the next few years.”

Read the full press release from Supacat.

Hear from Professor Chris Smith and our KTP Associate for Supacat, Matt Harvey, in the video below:


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